Exorcist or notary

I am in front of a crossroads. My whole life (if this phrase has a sense) is in front of a crossroads.

Usually, I run three times a week and I ride my bike (on the rollers) three times in the other days when I don't run. One day per week I rest.

Until the last year, before I had the plantar fasciitis I ran four times a week, then I bought the rollers and I started to cycle six days a week.

Two weeks ago, my wife convinced me to sign up (for swimming with her) at the pool near our house.
Since then we going to the pool every day, except on Sunday.

Let's recap:
Mondays swimming in the morning and bike in the evening,
Tuesdays swimming in the morning and running in the evening,
Wednesdays swimming in the morning and bike in the evening,
Thursdays swimming in the morning and running in the evening,
Fridays swimming in the morning and bike in the evening,
Saturdays swimming in the morning,
Sundays running in the morning.

Last week I swam for 8,56 km, ran for 25 km, and cycled for 90 km.

So two …

The king of the world

This is a long history. Many years ago I discovered the existence of swimming goggles for shortsighted people. My life changed radically: finally, I could see well in the water (sea, swimming pool).

Of course, graduated swimming goggles costs double or triple compared to normal swimming goggles.

I always take great care of my swimming goggles and I can make them last many years. About ten years ago I paid 40 o maybe 50 euros for my last pair of swimming goggles, I bought them in an optical shop (is this the name of the shop that sells glasses?).

Two days ago I understand to need a new pair of graduated swimming goggles, so I opened Amazon... I found spatial graduated swimming goggles for 18 euros, but be careful... (drum roll)... delivered the next day!

on Thursday morning I needed new pair of graduated swimming goggles
on Thursday afternoon I bought them on Amazon
on Friday afternoon I had my new loved graduated swimming goggles!
on Saturday morning I wore my best-loved (all time…

English is matter

I am still finding to improve my English. Well, my English is very little and so the improvement could be very enormous.

However (one of my favourite English words), I need help to improve my English.

I always said I write in the window of Google translator in English, and I accept the advice of Grammarly (almost always). When I write check the translation in Italian to see if it is right.

Of course, I also opened a window of Google translator Italian to English, to find unknown words for me in English (I use it as a dictionary).

It is a hard job and, for me, form matters more than substance. Generally no, in this case however yes.

My son a few months ago (while I was studying pronunciation exercises on Duolingo) said me that I had the pronunciation as a Pakistani.

So English matters for me, but I don't know if I will live long enough to able to read easily Hemingway or Fante, maybe Bukowski (I have books in the original English version of these authors).

This is that I tried to write i…

Guccini and me

I have started to listen to Guccini's songs many years ago. When I listened to his songs I was fourteen or fifteen years old and I made fun of my friends because they were eighteen: a Guccini's song ->6:32" said, "at eighteen you are really stupid / how many bales you have on your head at that age".

I did continue to listen to Guccini's songs and I continue to listen to them now, over forty years after.

Yesterday while I was running, by chance, my playlist on my phone has played Il pensionato(the pensioner)... when I listened to this song for the first time in the 70' I was a boy and retirement was far away from my mind, but I have listened to it now and I am a pensioner!

It is played like a very different song now! A song is composed by different elements and one of these elements is your ear! Maybe the ears that listen to this song are the same, but the brain between the ears age relentlessly and now the nineteen years of the age difference between Gu…

What was the question?

None asked me to express my opinion about J.K. Rowling and her controversy with a transsexual organization, so I risk saying a lot of nonsense, but I risk saying a lot of nonsense, in fact, I will definitely say a lot of bullshit (obviously I did want to use the word "bullshit" since I saw on Netflix my first TV series in the original language).

I think that J.K. Rowling was right. I think humans are born male and female, and they become men and women.

Of course, there is no single type of man and woman, there are many kinds of men and women, many ways to be men and women, many ways of expressing their own sexuality and everyone has the right to express it how they prefer.

However, many women have suffered harassment from men and, you know, even they have the right to feel safe and that's all I have to say about that.

Needless to say, I am a white heterosexual male and never I had not suffered discrimination, so I am not sure about what I am talking).

When a man changes sex…

what the numbers suggest

I saw in the promotional spot of a Tv show that the population of the USA is 5% of the world population, but the prison population of the USA is 25% of the world prison population!

Of course, it is not important the source because here is important how I write what I write. I do not care to have comments on the topics or my ideas, I would care to have suggestions on my English syntax, I would like help with using one verb instead of another or on avoiding a certain word.

My simple text is the mirror of my simple thoughts and they are not really important: I spend much time reading newspapers online, post on social networks and I have the opportunity to improve my reasoning my approach to the world, but I write here because I hope to find a little help to improve how I write in English.

However, the situation of the prison world and the justice of the USA seems frightening to me.

what do the numbers suggest?

Thirty years ago in Tiananmen square

Thirty years ago in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese Government had to order a massacre to stop the students' protest.

The situation in China did not change for normal people, but in Hong Kong, it has even worsened.

I guess that you have friends in the political-administrative machine you are free to become a billionaire, but if you want to criticize the government or the local administrations you are less free, much less free.

I know that I think trivial thoughts, but I need to think in a simple way if I want to write about them in English.

Writing in a different language is a nice way to think before opening the mouth or press on the keys. I hope that the previous sentence makes sense in English.

Do this thing could avoid many hate speech on the internet, it could do decrease the entropy of the universe and, in my opinion, the greater part of universal entropy depends on the mental disorders of humankind.

I like to think that a good day (for the universe) a great asteroid will hit our …