Immigrant parties

In the picture you can see some second or third generation Muslim immigrants Catholic emigrants (but even more) while celebrating some ethnic partypopular festival, foreign to the local tradition.

I imagine that Muslim immigrants Italian emigrants continue to speak even the language of their fathers, I imagine that they are linked to habits and traditions that are sometimes ancestral.

At the beginning I imagine that they were recognizable above all for poverty, cheap clothing, perhaps poor hygiene... in short, our immigrants emigrants fathers recognized themselves precisely for all that we reproach our immigrants: to be poor!

What could be better than a poor person to use as a scapegoat?

Does he have his face like his ass?

I don’t know how it says in English when the interior minister is aware of lying.

He accuses the others of not working, accuses them of being glued to the seats or accuses them of not respecting the law (but he is the first to use quibbles to escape the trial)... he even joked about the tan of parliamentarians while he is very tanned!

In Italian there are many expressions to describe this situation (with various degrees of vulgarity): for example "the ox who says horned to the donkey", or "he has the face of bronze".

Tomorrow I believe we will be able to witness another undertaking by the interior minister: mirror climbing!

I do not know if this expression in English gives the idea of a minister who will have to be very creative to be able to keep his place in government.

He will perhaps have to have the powers of the Spiderman (besides the face like the ass).

The boys play war games

Today is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb. What better way for remember this date than some massacre committed by kids playing war?

The president Trump seems to want to blame the madness, the videogames and the climate of hatred unleashed by the newspapers.

So if things go as the president will want for a kid it will be more difficult to buy a violent video game (those where you shoot so much at all), but it will not be as difficult (as it is not now) for the same kid to legally buy a real gun from war.

Probably this little boy will have to work harder to get enough points to acquire the video game weapon, but a credit card will suffice to have at home something that can shoot hundreds of bullets per minute ...

thank you mr. president.

Captain Minister and Mr. Rabbit

I would like to be able to write well in English to be able to give a good idea about the dual personality of the interior minister, as in "Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde".

On some occasions the minister is distinguished by his determined character to challenge anyone: political opponents, judges, immigrants, etc.

However, when it is necessary to be concrete ... immunity is invoked for not having to appear in court or you are wasting your time, you are hesitating to avoid having to answer the embarrassing questions of parliamentarians.

He is strong and arrogant with the weak and fearful as a rabbit with everyone else.

Gypsies waiting in the emergency room

I am among those who hold some ministers in this government responsible for fostering racism.

Oh, sure. These ministers also foster more and it seems that some of the Italians fall into this trap.
A little what happens in the emergency room. Often while one is waiting for his turn one or more gypsies are noticed, they too are waiting for their turn. Of course the gypsies are dressed differently from others, sometimes they speak another language or they have a characteristic accent. Sometimes they are even dirty.

They are glowered at the other waiting injured. They, the injured ones, snort for the wait and they start to think that probably if there were no Gypsies the wait would be shorter.

If a certain minister of the interior were present he would surely point out the differences between the gypsies and the others, for a few more votes he could incite people against the gypsies, attributing to them the faults of delays in assistance, poor cleaning of the environments and who knows w…

I often fall, unlike the government

I continue to be pissed at Salvini and this government. I would like to be able to insult and revile this government. But this would be completely useless and then I'm not able to. But I would like this government to fall soon.

So I'll tell you a little bit about my business since nobody reads these lines.
Last Friday I went out to run. I had been the whole day working on the computer, when I left I was tired and aching.

What's better than a good run?

I wanted to run for 12 km, as always on a Friday. Unfortunately, at the end of the seventh km I stumbled. I slammed my knees and my face. Fortunately, I hit my face centrally, so I didn't break my glasses, I didn't break my nose or even my teeth.

In 9 years I ran 16,000 km and tripped 3 times and twice I took a retort. I stumbled in 2011, in 2017 and in 2019. In 2016, after a few months I took the 2 retorts on the same ankle.

I say I had a lot of luck (in Italian I would say "a big beating of ass"): I broke…

A very merry unbirthday to me

On February 24th 2000 I quit smoking. I quit after 40 years of almost uninterrupted smoke. So yesterday was a very merry unbirthday to me.

I haven't smoked like 65,000 cigarettes in the last 9 years. I didn't throw at least 15,000 euros into smoke... so for me it's always a very merry unbirthday to me.

But today I'm a little depressed. I went to donate blood and I couldn't do it. My blood pressure was too high. Nothing impressive but high enough to exceed the allowed limit. The beauty is that my blood pressure never reaches certain levels (yes, of course: with the help of medicine and running). It reaches certain numbers only on the day of the donation, when a doctor or nurse measures it.

When the sports doctor measures my blood pressure before doing the electrocardiogram under stress, my pressure is perfect! So I realized that the only risk factor for my blood pressure is when I go to donate blood.

Another depressing thing: I finished watching the backlog of Star…